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Gear suppliers are not all alike. Some provide different products and services than others. Some have drastically different products and features that they offer to clients. If you are in the market for a new gear supplier, use this handy guide to help you choose the right supplier for your unique needs.

Determine what you want: Before you can decide if a supplier is right for you, you have to know exactly what you need. What kinds of gears do you use in your factory or products? What gear materials do you use on a regular basis? Are there any alternatives to the gears you already use that might be better for your products or provide the same benefits for less money? Only when you know what your needs are can you then express those needs to your supplier.

Find out what they supply: Once you know what you need the next step is easy. Ask any supplier that you communicate with whether they can supply the gears that you need for your products. If they can, then they can be a candidate for your new supplier. If not, then you will have to continue to search.

Create a requirements specification: When you decide on a supplier, create a contract or agreement stating what you will need and when you will need it. You can also outline any other requirements that you might have, such as metal only manufactured in theUnited States, or gears made from certain materials.

Explore pros and cons of each supplier: Once you have narrowed down your list of gear suppliers, you can then weigh the pros and cons of each. Some companies may offer lower costs, while others may provide higher quality or faster shipping. Determine which benefits are the most important to you and choose that supplier as your new gear supplier.

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